Date Night

23 Apr

Date Night
A collaborative poem by
Dan T. & Leah Hunt

You look like a rape scene
Waiting to happen.
The look on your face
Is the same look as when
You orgasm.
You sit — silent, expectant:
A necrophile’s wet dream.

Don’t squirm too hard, darling
I can tighten my grip
Excite you
With a cool, furtive tongue.

I can heal you
If you want me to
If only you’d let me
But I understand —
It’s hard to say “I do”
When your mouth is bound by electrical tape.

Stay afraid and waiting
Cowering and craving, ready for anything.
That way,
You’ll never disappoint me.


A Winter of Disappointment

23 Apr

A Winter of Disappointment

Is it snowing?
I ask as she pulls into the driveway
“No, um…” she says,
“It’s just the ashes from your cigarette”

Non-sequitur Metaphor (re: NaPoWriMo prompt)

21 Apr

Like an owl caught in a generator,
I abscond the upwind
And squander the sky while
Passing judgement on you for following.

Smoking cloves and looking ridiculous,
it’s miraculous you were bred into existence, you
Myopic, dunderheaded cyclops.

You think your willowy-slender-reed-in-the-wind act is cute but

I think your mercurial back-and-forth
Is as interesting as
Seaweed floating in the gutter

It’s as non-pareil as
Artillery loaded with salt rock
Or milk that’s started to uncurl

Your ego is that of a rodomontade:
Twice elusive like
A ghost who’s
Cut the cheese

I’d call you a cowbird but
You’d probably think I was comparing truffles
To a svelte bilious quahog.


The Doctor Is Out

20 Apr


I’m on vacation

I’ll write two poems to catch up

When I get back

This isn’t



Lack of motivation

But merely

The act



A room of one’s own

(Don’t judge me, monkey)


18 Apr
Yes, random crazy person. Please tell me how is a valid source of information that operates without bias or agenda. You seem like a reasonable and lucid person whose theories on social responsibility are well-thought out and supported by evidence. Of course I’ll join the revolution with you. Here. I’ll go get the Kool-Aid.

So what?
So what?
Just because you have a thought
Just because you distrust
Just because you question everything and
Believe nothing
Just because you’re convinced the jackboots
Are marching just down the street

What are you going to do, once
Armed with your righteous indignation?
What social responsibility
Do you hope to accomplish
With ball bearings and bag of fertilizer?

I should trust you?
I should agree with your premises?
Should I, too, stray from the path of enlightenment
And return with you to the cave?
Is that what you want from me?
A pat on the back?
You believe the world is a fucked up place?


How very insightful!
How very helpful!
How beneficial!
How benevolent!
I sure do wish I could give a shit so
I could possibly be as
Wise and all-knowing
As you.

What baffles me most:
You can’t even begin to understand
That misinformed knowledge
Results in malformed action
That just because you rattle your saber and
Build utopia, one bricked convert at a time
You cannot get me on the boat.
You’re just as inactive as the rest.
Your social responsibility is motivated
By a box in your basement
Your social action and cries for accountablity
Are spoken to a guy behind a counter
Pulling a double shift.

You think together we can
Start a revolution?
Well, you know…
We’re all doing what we can

Are the worst kind
Of idiot.
The kind that believes they are

Today and yesterday

17 Apr

Apparently I missed yesterday’s daily. So here are a pair of haikus today to make up for being late. Sorry.


The walls are melting
Alpha brainwaves in REM state
A sharp numb bundle


… Man, I really HATE oysters
Therefore, I. Hate. World.


15 Apr

a quick pantun

Senseless tragedies do not require your prayers
I fear the language of the “full force of justice”
Our enemies list’s a game of musical chairs
Miss America is a terrible actress